Rules for Music Awards Auditions

  1. Each contestant must be a member of a Junior Federated Music Club.
  2. Each contestant’s teacher must be a member of MacDowell Music Club, Statesville. (Exception: Violet Morrison Vocal Award contestant’s teacher may be a member of a federated out-of-town club. The contestant must be a member of a group federated by MacDowell Music Club of Statesville.)
  3. Each contestant will furnish necessary music for the judges. No electronically reproduced music will be permitted.
  4. An application blank must be filed with the MacDowell Music Club Music Awards Chairman no later than three weeks before the audition.
  5. The winner of a particular award is ineligible to compete again for the same award, even if otherwise eligible.
  6. Eligibility will be forfeited unless all of the above rules are observed.
  7. The winner and runner-up are required to perform at the following meeting of MacDowell Music Club, at which time checks will be presented. Exceptions will be reviewed in advance by the Music Awards Committee.
  8. The decision of the judges is final and unquestionable.
  9. Teachers with students participating in the music awards audition may not serve on the auditions committee.
  10. Vocal teachers may not be accompanist for their students during auditions.
  11. Teachers, students and parents shall have no contact with the judges until winners are announced. After winners have been announced, judges will be available privately for comments on performances, not the judge’s decision.
  12. The winner must receive a minimum score of 95, and the runner-up must receive a minimum score of 90, in order to receive award.